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stymphalid's Journal

Hay-lo! :D I'm Eva, or as most people seem to be recognizing me now, stymphalid. I draw, write, love Pokemon, and useless things simply because of their cuteness factor. 8D I am addicted to the web comic Hanna is Not a Boy's Name.

My thoughts consist mainly of otters, elephants, owls, ostriches, and giraffes.
Yes, I draw all of these guys all. The. Time. :3 Fandom wise I LOVE Hanna is Not a Boy's Name, Pokemon, Death Note, and Austin Powers. Yeah, baby!

My dA is pokemonmastereva222. Also, because this might come up, a stymphalid is a bronze bird. Hercules rode one. Also, they have a nasty habit of eating people and shooting off their bronze feathers like arrows. 8D OH YEAH.

Favorite Pokemon: Chrimaii, Dodrio. <3
Favorite Shipping Pair: OlympicShipping >:D

I write like
Annie Rice

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