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Watercolor Paintings Commissions

Whooboy, I'm opening up some slots for watercolor commissions! Hopefully I can raise a bit more money to buy myself an early, early, early Christmas present C;

And now that I'm a bit more comfortable int he medium, hopefully these will be a bit of fun, too!

Details and such under the cut~Collapse )

I promise my next post will be Halloween related, most likely something about my K'Nuckles costume I'll be wearing. Until then, take care, everyone! And happy Halloween! <3

Animated Movie Suggestions

I just finished Plague Dogs. That thing was incredible. And even though I told myself I wouldn't, I cried. HHNRGH THAT ENDINGGG.

But anyway, I now have a problem. I'm pretty much out of animated movies to watch. There are some really good ones I've seen, but I don't want to keep rewatched them like I have before (Road to El Dorado's watch count is currently at 32).

So does anyone know any REALLY GOOD animated movies I can use to kill my time? Or even ones with killer soundtracks? Some of the ones I've already seen (and really enjoyed) are:

-Plague Dogs
-Paprika (Parade song is BOSS)
-Tokyo Godfathers
-Spirited Away
-Hunchback of Notre Dame
-Road to El Dorado

That's all I can really think of atm.

So, does anyone out there know anything? Any thanks so much beforehand! :D

Because possums need pedicures, too.


I have absolutely no clue if this lady is trollin' or not. Still, I love how completely indifferent the possum is the entire time.


So, after having my eye on it for quite some time, I finally managed to get a Mouseman's Doduo coin. It ended up costing almost $30 shipped from Canada, which I was more than happy to pay. However, my dad's money is also involved in our joint-Paypal (we'd be totally lost without memo notes), so gets email notices whenever money's spent.

He called me about about five minuets after I sent the money, asking me what I purchased exactly. I made the mistake of telling him.

I don't think he's angry, just really shocked, but I did a crappy job of defending myself. |D;; All I really said was "But....b-but it's rare..." What more could I say? It's a plastic coin. XD;;


Oh, Great

I fell in love with Tauros. >:I Great, now I have another outlet for my cash.




Different Ramblings

Pros of being sick: No school, computer all day, no walking home, you can be as loud as you want (no one home, aw yeeeaaah), eating everything in the fridge is considered perfectly acceptable, going days without changing clothes is totally fine.

Cons of being sick: Endless coughing/hacking/choking, weird pains in previously unknown areas, headaches that feel like someone alternated between smacking you with an Unabridged Webster's and a hammer that was equipped with shanks, you can't remember anything, taking 7 different kinds of meds in 3 days because none of 'em work, sleepless nights filled with more pain and coughing, extreme boredom, starting to hate everything about yourself, no motivation to do anything whatsoever, and...

You have no idea what's going on with your body, and what's wrong with it, and you're terrified because you're all alone in a two-story house, and you periodically fade in and out remembering what's going on. You take a crapton of medications but none of them work, and even after everything the aching and throbbing only gets worse. You feel like your mind and body are slowly killing themselves, causing you to lose your mind and for some reason begin to think of everything that'd ever been/is wrong with you. And you hate yourself for being weak and being sick, and you hate feeling so vulnerable and scared, and this all only adds to the mounting stress on you because you have two huge assignments due to the same teacher, and they're expecting something so amazingly awesome you'll end up winning $1000 come May, and yet you're afraid of failing them and ultimately yourself, which the sickness only highlights and makes worse.

.....So. Yeah. Last week we went camping, and I had this awful migraine. But after some Tylenol or whatever it went away. But Friday the damn thing came back, and it refused to go away. And now I'm coughing like crazy and nothing is helping and I'm so afraid of what's wrong with me.

I don't know. I felt like I needed to ramble that off. Still, I'm on the comp all day now, which is kind of sort of okay. Except there's nothing good in the fridge, which sucks. A lot.

I finished Hunger Games yesterday, and I'm about 50-70 pages into Paper Towns. My nook keeps freezing but I figured how to reset it, so as long as I don't lose the tiny-ass screw I'm good.

In much more positive news, though, my family is planning a 1-2 week trip to Japan for Spring Break 2011. I have...$305 saved up currently. :U Plus I have some opportunities to sell of my flats, which should bring in some money. So the prospect of a huge shopping spree is cheering em up immensely. Plus, despite the art block that comes with this stupid sickness, I have an art project idea I'm forcing myself into, to pick my motivation back up.

I don't usually ramble and rant and vent or w/e, but it's kind of nice to type this all out. Ah, well. Hopefully I don't lose my mind too much today. C: There's some stuff I really want to draw....


Dinosaurs Go Rawr

Random, Pointless Doodles Much?Collapse )

I'm on a dinosaur kick. No idea why. I just got the sudden urge to draw the beasties. And I did.

I found out today that they are SO MUCH FUN TO DRAW. ;A; Their heads and bodies and tails and legs are just all so varied and similar at the same time. And I love it. They're constructed so the anatomy can be altered and wonkified and they still look epic and just plain bad ass.

And drawing dino tails makes me want to sob in happiness, if you couldn't tell. Look at how unproportional these guys are. XD I was SO TEMPTED to give Stego super skinny legs.

A Very Potter Emotion Set

My current big project is a complete mood pictures set using screen shots from A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel.

I have ten done.


WiP Of Sexiness

Is it illegal to marry your WiPs?

Because I'm in LOVE. ;__________; I should shove myself out of my comfort zone more often.

I'm not too sure how much Hanna is Not a Boy's Name my sanity can handle, though. |D


Still doubting readers for this. Oh well. 8D

I'm debating with myself as to use this as a sketch blog or not. But hey, no one really likes my stuff anyway, why go flaunting it around like on my dA?

I don't know. I guess I'll just keep debating.